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Our roof systems are Lifeproof®.

We only focus on one thing;
Installing complete roof systems, and continuing to serve only those homeowners, for their entire lives.

We don't do repairs.
We don't do

This is a good thing! Here's why.

When homeowners decide to get a new roof installed by our team at Lifeproof®, they become our sole focus. We make a promise that we're going to be there for them forever, and we mean it! We serve these homeowners exclusively throughout the entire life of their ownership as our priority. Our promise to those homeowners is different from other contractors in this way, which means we do not spend our time responding to every other roof repair need throughout the city unless their roof was originally installed by our team . Essentially, if you get a new roof installed by us, you'll be our sole focus forever, come hail, wind, water, or mayhem!

To become part of this experience, our team of experts must first install a new complete roof system for your home. It's just our way of keeping our promise to those we've already served, and those we will serve in the future;) We invite you to join the homeowners in your area who have made the decision to protect their homes indefinitely with Lifeproof®!

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Our payment plans, as seen on...

We'll beat any
other quote.

We really want to serve you!

To prove it to you, we'll not only match, but beat any other contractor in the market in 3 ways...



We'll beat any A+ Rated business. Just show us your other bids, and we'll discount your project!



We'll upgrade the materials on your project when comparing apples to apples.



We'll beat the length of time covered, and walk you through the fine print. No secrets here.

3x Faster

Our projects from start to finish move 3x faster than other contractors.

10x Cleaner

Our team respects your property by cleaning up as we go, not just at the end.

2x More Qualified

Our team is certified and continuously trained by the top manufacturers.

1,000,000 x
More Protected

Our insurance protection policy is top shelf at $1,000,000 per project.

100x Better
Follow Through

Our company culture hinges on following up and following through with our clients.

More Passionate

Our team absolutely loves serving people, & giving extravagantly;)

What people are saying about us

Trusted by happy clients
5/5 Stars
Chris Meredith

Great Job!

"Lifeproof did a great job on my roof.  Got a break in the weather, and in 1 day took the whole roof off and replaced it, and left my yard better than when they started!"

5/5 Stars
Brian Bost

Seamless Process!

"From start to finish the process was seamless.
Kevan and team are flawless with the service they render."

5/5 Stars
Margaret Baker

Extremely Happy!

"They were professional, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. I’m extremely happy with the quality of work and craftsmanship, both interior and exterior, and I feel confident that the problem is now fixed for good!"


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