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RoofTurbo® Advantages

Differentiated from the competition in some big ways...

Easy to use app.

No in-person sales pitch required.

Straight-Up Pricing. No negotiations needed.

Dedicated Local Account Representative

Automated Hail & Wind Discovery

Insurance Process Streamlining

FREE upgrade to the #1 recommended roof system in the world. (This is beyond what insurance typically covers.)

FREE 50 year Lifetime Warranty (The industries longest)

Coverage Maximization $ (We make sure insurance adjusters conduct due diligence, and cover what they should.)

0% APR Deductibles (Don't pay your deductible up front.)

Share this with some friends, and we'll give you $500 when they get a new roof.

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RoofTurbo® guarantees Texans get what they deserve.

RoofTurbo® is the only FREE and easy-to-use web app in the industry that guarantees homeowners get the absolute best roof system in the market, as well as a hassle-free and fair experience during the insurance approval process.

In fact, when we created RoofTurbo®, our competition said that we were giving away too much.

We'll let you be the judge!

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We'll take care of the rest!

We'll review storm/property data for your home.

Instantaneously, our software will use advanced satellite imagery to measure your roof!

We'll also cross reference your address with hail and wind storm data records. If we find that you're in a zone that has been impacted in the past, we'll have the initial evidence we need to kick off a claim with the objective of having your insurance provider pay for a complete roof replacement!

We'll streamline the insurance approval process.

We'll deliver our findings to your insurance provider and work towards an approval.

We'll act immediately if additional information is required to streamline the claim; such as an on-site assessment of the damages, a meeting with the adjuster to compare apples to apples, or a dispatch of our state-of-the-art drone flights that use artificial intelligence to provide objective evidence of the damages by identifying wind, hail strikes, and blisters.

*We'll make sure that all damages to the exterior of the property are accounted for with accuracy, not just the roof.

Once an agreement of all damages has been reached, we'll seek the expedition of an approval for the claim at the supervisory level with your insurance provider.

Select roof options, and avoid your deductible up front!

This is where it gets interesting!
We've simplified all of the options so that it's fair and easy to get the best deal in the market! Guaranteed.

By keeping it simple, you come out ahead!

Here's how we do it...

For insurance claims only, we've decided to do something special to go above and beyond, because we're tired of watching homeowners get stuck with just whatever insurance is willing to pay for.

So, rather than just installing the base-line roof system that insurance is typically willing to cover, or wasting your time trying to up-sell you additional top of the line components and premium shingles, we're going to upgrade you to the #1 recommended roof system in the world as our base-line,
for FREE.

This way, you're guaranteed to get an amazing roof that will last you a lifetime, without having to negotiate for it! Essentially, instead of having to compare a bunch of bids from various contractors to ensure you get the best quality system out of a potentially low dollar insurance compensation, this eliminates all of the ifs, ands, or buts, so that you can move forward with confidence!

+ Plus, we're automatically going to upgrade you, for free, to the best warranty in the industry with 50 year Lifetime Protection. Boom!

Avoid your deductible up front...

Texas passed a new law in 2019 called "No Waving of Deductibles Bill: Texas HB 2102" that clears the air about homeowners needing to pay their deductible when insurance covers the majority of the cost of a new roof during a claim. (Typically homeowner deductibles are only 1 - 2%, depending on your policy. Not bad at all.)

But, let's be smart with our money! Rather than paying your deductible all at once out-of-pocket, with us you can elect to break it into monthly payments! This way, you no longer need to worry about the affordability of your new roof when you need it!

In our app, you'll have an opportunity to select customized payment options and become prequalified within seconds. Some of our clients like to finance just their deductible, while others like to finance the entirety of the new roof, so that they can put the insurance checks received towards something else, like student loans, a car, or other home improvements. Either way, we've got you covered!

Checking your rates won't affect your credit score, and you'll receive funding for your project in as soon as 24 hours if you decide to accept an option presented by our 13+ lending partners!

That's it!
Here comes the fun part...

Here's where you truly have nothing to loose...
We'll do anything to earn your business. That's why if for any reason you feel that we're coming up short, we promise to beat any other contractor that you might compare, with our 3-Way One Up Guarantee.

After getting everything lined out with insurance, roof selections and avoiding your deductible, we'll assign you a dedicated project manager and our client experience team will continue to be available to answer any questions as we move immediately towards a rapid project start date, where our team will install your complete system in under 2 days!

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5/5 Stars
Chris Meredith

Great Job!

"Lifeproof did a great job on my roof.  Got a break in the weather, and in 1 day took the whole roof off and replaced it, and left my yard better than when they started!"

5/5 Stars
Brian Bost

Seamless Process!

"From start to finish the process was seamless.
Kevan and team are flawless with the service they render."

5/5 Stars
Margaret Baker

Extremely Happy!

"They were professional, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. I’m extremely happy with the quality of work and craftsmanship, both interior and exterior, and I feel confident that the problem is now fixed for good!"