The Damaged Roof Specialists

We’ve seen some pretty nasty storms roll through Houston in recent years. Should your roof ever incur damage from a future one, you will need a reliable emergency roof repair team by your side. This is where the experienced team at LifepROOF comes into play.

With LifepROOF, you can have a new roof within just a few days! We’ve perfected the process from initial inspection all the way to cleanup. You can count on us to walk you through your roof replacement, answering any questions you may have. Remember that our damaged roof specialists are always on your side.

Roof Insurance Claim Process

Even just the thought of filing an insurance claim for a roof replacement can be daunting. At LifepROOF, we go above and beyond to help you re-roof through an insurance claim. Hopefully, you’ll find that the process is much simpler and easier than you initially thought it would be!

Why hire just anyone to complete such an important project? LifepROOF is well-versed with storm damage repair and replacement for your convenience. Learn more about re-roof insurance claims today.